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We're saying goodbye to Hill St | Online store now closed
We're saying goodbye to Hill St | Online store now closed
In the Kitchen with Julia Matthews, CEO and Founder of Two Islands

In the Kitchen with Julia Matthews, CEO and Founder of Two Islands

This month, we sat down with Julia Matthews, Founder of Two Islands. Guided by a love for nutrition, Juls continues to take the health and well-being industry by stormWe chat about her food philosophy, balancing life as a working mum and some unexpected foods you could be adding your collagen to.

We recently partnered with Two Islands to create a new limited edition Choc Berry Protein Slice, with over 5g of plant protein per serve. Two Islands approaches food in the same way we do. No fillers. No unexpected surprises. Nothing but the good stuff. Click here to learn more about our latest (and maybe greatest) baking mix.

What led you to start Two Islands? 

After living in Sydney where I was studying health science I developed a real passion for cooking and baking, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting and creating different meals, whilst at the same time having to follow a strict gut healing protocol. The irony that I developed a leaky gut from the stress of studying naturopathy will never get old! Getting creative in the kitchen led me to adding protein to my meals, but I struggled to find a plant protein that ticked all of the boxes – clean ingredients list, great taste and wasn’t a ridiculous price. When I moved back to NZ I decided I wanted to work for myself and as I couldn’t find a protein powder I loved thought I could try making my own.

What cooking or baking do you add collagen or protein to, maybe something a little unexpected?

I try and add collagen into anything and everything. Our Unflavoured Collagen is really versatile and I often put it in omelettes or soup. 

What is your food philosophy? 

What we eat is important, it's literally fuel for our body. Just like our car, if we don’t put the right fuel in, it's not going to work well. My body works and feels best when I’m eating as many wholefoods as possible and drinking lots of water, however as I have such a sweet tooth and love of red wine, I place no restrictions on myself and lean more towards variety and moderation.    

You have recently become a full-time working mum, how has cooking changed in your household since Lenny?

I’m very fortunate to have a partner who enjoys cooking as it’s the last thing I want to think about when getting home from work.  The one thing I do love doing is making Lenny’s meals and watching him eat. He’s a very adventurous eater and will try anything.

You are working through renovations on your home right now, how are you finding the process? Where did you go for inspiration? 

We are doing the kitchen and bathroom at the same time, it’s a slower process than I imagined. I thought I could design everything myself however my Pinterest mood board was starting to look like a dog's breakfast so I reached out to in Interior Designer/Architect to help and it was the best decision. Our home was built in 1890 and I really want to honour the heritage and character so am trying to stick with classic but Cam likes modern, so we will see!

When it came to making decisions while designing your kitchen, what were your non-negotiables? 

Beautiful neutral colour pallet, gas cooking, a big sink and lots of storage for appliances.

What is your go-to recipe when you need to whip up something easy and impressive?

I don’t do impressive, I’m good at easy and that’s generally spaghetti bolognese.

What are you reading, watching, listening to at the moment?

Reading: Emails (I wish I could insert the title of a book in here!)

Watching: Love Island. Don’t judge me!

Listening: The Daily podcast in the morning on my drive to work.

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