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Free NZ shipping on all orders over $25!



Doing business sustainably is a core value for Hill St. We're always working towards reducing our environmental impact and make a positive difference. This year we've come up with a set of sustainability goals that we will work towards. We’re a small business, but every little bit counts. In sharing this with you we hope that you will hold us accountable and that it will encourage you to do the same personally and in your own workplace.



Good for you, good for the environment - We are passionate about using natural ingredients in all our products. Whole foods and single ingredient foods that are mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives and rich in nutrients. Choosing wholefood ingredients is not only beneficial health wise, but supports more sustainable agriculture by reducing energy needs and the amount of non-biodegrabale waste that we produce.

Compostable bags - When we need to use plastic to keep our mixes fresh or to get a product safely to your doorstep we  make sure it’s made from compostable film that is home compostable as well as commercially compostable. Compostable technology is still in its infancy and as a result the infrastructure is also not currently there to support it. Not everyone has access to a home compost, and with no curb side compost collections this can also be problematic. The more companies that come on board, the quicker we can help develop the industry and collection facilities.

Forest Stewardship Council accredited packaging - Our cardboard is sourced from forests that have a positive climate impact, ensure environmental protection, respect the rights of indigenous people and offer fair wages for workers.

Reduced food waste - We do our best to minimise wasted ingredients. If we do have any left over we donate it to our friends at Everybody Eats who provide pay-as-you-feel dinners prepared by top chefs.

Shared experiences and learnings - We’re under no illusion that we’re doing things perfectly, and that’s ok. Instead we’re trying to be honest and transparent, to push the boundaries and do things better. As part of that process we’re learning a lot about our environmental impact, food trends and what New Zealanders care about when buying food products.

Want to know more about how we do business? It’s as simple as asking. We’re always happy to share information on our partners and processes with you and any other business going through the same struggles.



It’s about progress, not perfection . With that in mind we’re looking to focus and improve on these areas in 2020. 

Reducing our carbon footprint - In 2020 we’re looking to better understand our carbon footprint and take further steps towards reducing it. We will commit to planting a minimum of 100 native New Zealand trees through and ensure that we consider not only the financial cost, but also the environmental impact in every business decision we make.

Education - Business and food production best practice is constantly changing and evolving, we need to make sure that we continue to do the same and stay at the forefront of sustainability innovation. In addition, we aim to provide more educational resources for you, including more about how to compost our bags at home and easy ideas to reduce your waste in the kitchen (reusing your baking paper or switching to a silicon baking tray is a great one).

Giving back to our community - We are lucky to live in New Zealand and have such an amazing community behind us. This year we hope to reciprocate by giving more of our time and support to organisations and charities that are working to improve the place we call home.

Continuing to improve our product, packaging and processes - We’re always looking for ways to improve. This year we want to continue to explore ways to reduce packaging further e.g. switching our packing tape to a more eco-friendly alternative. As part of this commitment we’d also like to hold our supply chain partners accountable and make sure that we work with businesses and suppliers who share our social and environmental values.

Small changes matter - We’re also looking to make smaller changes in our office and daily lives. These include walking to work more and reducing single use plastic in the office.  

We will provide an update later in the year to let you know our learnings and how we’re tracking against our goals.

We’re all about receiving feedback, ideas and suggestions on how we can work on being a more environmentally friendly producer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch at if you’ve got any of the above.